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I am 18 years old and I am in LOVE with photography! When I take my photos I try my best to make them as unique as possible by using different angles and beautiful colors. I hope you will enjoy my photos as much as I love taking/editing them. (Scroll all the way to the bottom of the blog for my button and other great stuff!)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

..::Class of 2012.Part 1:Alissah Lee::..

Alissah and I have been friends for YEARS! She came over a couple days ago and I took her on a photo shoot in Down Town Titusville... It was her first time ever being a model and she did great! We had a lot of fun! :)
Click HERE for Part 2.


Just to let you know I was there. :)

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~Olivia Christine


Kirsten Cavanaugh said...

Very cute pics! You two are sooo pretty! :)

Liv said...

My favorite it the third one. Great job!

Kirsten Cavanaugh said...

I cannot decide on just on! I think all of them are beautiful! :)

Kirsten Cavanaugh said...

Oops :) one :)

Mariah Grace said...

I love Downtown Titusville! I helped shoot an engagement session there, and it was so pretty! Great pictures! :)

Alissah said...

I'm using the black and white one fourth from the bottom as my profile pic and I'm using the 11th one with the mosaic-y tile as my cover photo on Facebook. Probably the best profile pics I've ever had. =3